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Things That I Miss …

Allow me to share with you the things that I miss in the Philippines. Yes, I have enumerated a number of things that made us decide to finally move here and probably stay here ’til we grow old, but being here for less than a year and being a Filipino at heart there are still things, places, foods or activities  that I miss seeing, going to, eating  or doing. 

These  items that I enumerated below are not in anyway in a particular order, I just write whatever pops into my mind.

  1. Pasig City
  2. Angono Rizal
  3. Our family
  4. Our family weekend gathering
  5. Unlimited texting 
  6. Traffic in EDSA
  7. Crowded malls
  8. Riding MRT
  9. Our Lady of Peace (EDSA) Shrine
  10. Robinson’s Galleria
  11. Inihaw na Isaw
  12. SM Megamall
  13. Podium 
  14. Banco De Oro
  15. Pasig Cathedral’s Adoration Chapel
  16. Riding a Tricycle
  17. Rizal High School
  18. Fishballs
  19. Outing in Batangas or Laguna
  20. Sta. Clara De Montefalco Parish Church
  21. Pandesal
  22. Penoy Higupin
  23. Overlooking in Antipolo
  24. Jollibee
  25. Pao Tsin’s Java Rice & Fried Dumplings
  26. Passenger Jeep
  27. Riding a FX
  28. Purefoods Hotdog
  29. Zagu’s Cookies and Cream 
  30. Chicken Inasal
  31. Kamiseta
  32. Bayo
  33. Starbuck’s Mocha Frap (it taste different here)
  34. Selecta’s Coffee Crumble
  35. Nissin Yakisoba
  36. Neighbor’s Noise (hehehe)
  37. Daily Tabloids – Abante & Bulgar
  38. FM Radio  Stations
  39. Pirated DVDs (hahaha)
  40. Smell of Sampaguita
  41. Taho
  42. Chowking’s Lauriat
  43. Goldilocks’ Fresh Lumpia
  44. Tokyo! Tokyo rice-all-you-can
  45. Greenhills’ Tiangge
  46. Tocilog in Palatiw
  47. Gulaman
  48. Tipas Hopia
  49. Divisoria (esp 168)
  50. Choc-Nut
  51. Greenwich Pizza
  52. Red Ribbon’s Cookies & Cream Cake
  53. Palengke
  54. Rizal High School
  55. Galunggong
  56. Korea-Novelas (dubbed in Filipino)
  57. Barrio Fiesta’s Kare-Kare
  58. Razon’s Halo-Halo
  59. Gerry’s Frill Sisig
  60. Sari-Sari stores that I can find everywhere
  61. Dried Pusit
  62. Ukay-Ukay
  63. Midnight Sale
  64. National Book Store
  65. Dunkin Donut
  66. Comedy Bars
  67. Jollibee’s Palabok
  68. Balut
  69. Holy Week in the Philippines
  70. Fiesta
  71. Kopiko 3-in-1 Coffee
  72. Watching last full show (late night movie)
  73. Dirty Ice Cream
  74. Calamari from the sidecar guy
  75. Sinigang with real sampalok
Yup, I miss a lot of things, there may be some that I failed to include in my list…. Siguro I will never run out of the items that I could add in here…. and yes there are some of the things that I listed that can be bought here…. but it feels different whenever you do it or eat it in a different place, as what we normally say “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Even if I could eat Bryers Ice Cream here, still it is incomparable with eating Selecta Ice Cream with my Dad and my Mom and siblings. I could enjoy the Mama Burger of A & W with matching rootbeer float but Jollibee’s Mr. Yum and Coke is tastier when shared with my friends or kumares.
Indeed, wherever you go you cannot simply forget  the memories and the happiness brought  by the simple things that you used to do as a Pinoy. I will always miss balut, Megamall, halo-halo, bagoong , etc.  because there will always be a place that you call your HOME.


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