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Hi there!
I'm Cristina

People call me Tina or Tin but people close to me call me “Tyh” (and that will always be my favorite!) I am a mom of three wonderful children, working a full-time job helping families reach their financial goals as a Financial Advisor/Mortgage Specialist.

I love documenting my life by writing in my journal and taking photos or videos. Yes, I always love “Show & Tell” (that activity in school where you get to bring your favorite things and show it to your classmates and talk about it) so I guess that explains why I have this little corner in the internet world.

I want this space to become my channel in sharing my personal experience and life lessons as I face my midlife. All these and anything in between in one cup,  hence, I decided to give this little space of mine a new name – my “Cup of Tyh”  was born.

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Momsie's Journey to Bringing a Welcome to Remember to New Immigrants

It was December of 2015 when I first came across Welcome Pack Canada, I decided to post a story about this because I thought it is something interesting for new immigrants. This article became one of my most popular posts until I had a chance to collaborate with the people behind these boxes – – – this is where introduced this newcomer’s kit to Winnipeg new immigrants.

I can still recall how I just reach out to my friends to help me with the distribution as I need help in bringing 30 of the 20 lbs. cases (150 gift boxes) to the distribution area. The first distribution was held at Bakerite, being newly-arrived immigrants themselves, the owners of Bakerite, Manny and Emily Adao instantly said yes when I approached them if I could use their place as the venue for the distribution. The supposedly 2 days distribution was cut short to a 6-hour distribution because all boxes were claimed. And from then on, we distributed the box almost every month and each month, we would distribute 300 to 400 boxes to newcomers in Winnipeg.


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