Hi there!
I'm Cristina

People call me Tina or Tin but people close to me call me “Tyh” (and that will always be my favorite!) I am a mom of three wonderful children, working a full-time job helping families reach their financial goals as a Financial Advisor/Mortgage Specialist.

I love documenting my life by writing in my journal and taking photos or videos. Yes, I always love “Show & Tell” (that activity in school where you get to bring your favorite things and show it to your classmates and talk about it) so I guess that explains why I have this little corner in the internet world.

I want this space to become my channel in sharing my personal experience and life lessons as I face my midlife. All these and anything in between in one cup,  hence, I decided to give this little space of mine a new name – my “Cup of Tyh”  was born.

Cup of Tyh Photo Collage

Momsie's Journey to Bringing a Welcome to Remember to New Immigrants

“Welcome Pack Canada” program is presented to new comers as a keepsake designed box filled with few gift items and coupons from more than 40 leading brands in Canada with handouts/magazine offering advice and information to newcomers regarding settlement in Canada. It’s all about understanding the mindset of new immigrants and introducing new brands to them.


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