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My friends call me Tina or Tin but people close to me call me “Tyh” (and that will always be my favorite!) I am a mom of three amazing children.

I was born and raised in the Philippines and decided to move to Canada with my family more than 10 years ago.

I love documenting my life by writing in my journal and taking photos or videos. Yes, I always love “Show & Tell” (that activity in school where you get to bring your favorite things and show it to your classmates and talk about it) so I guess that explains why I have this little corner in the internet world.

One day it felt that my ramblings cannot fit in the small space in my brain and I thought that a blog is the best place to let it all out.  I made a personal blog in WordPress until I decided to take my ramblings into a notch  higher  – I took the chance and officially came up with “Momsie’s Circle”.

As you are reading this now, my blog name has changed, I want my space to be more versatile where I will not just share my journey as an immigrant but as someone who is in the financial field, I want to help families especially women to capture opportunities and build resilience by providing access to useful financial information in my blog. Lastly, I want this space to become my channel in sharing my personal experience and life lessons as I face my midlife. All these and anything in between in one cup,  hence, I decided to give this little space of mine a new name – my “Cup of Tyh”  was born.

So, let me welcome you to my new space and I hope you enjoy your stay..

About this blog became my official blog site in March of 2012. I started my first blog on a free blogging platform in 2006 as a just for fun blog where I write just about anything: my daily experiences, the movie that I watched or the food that I just tried.  When my family and I moved to Winnipeg in 2009, I started to write about my challenges and discoveries about living in Canada as an immigrant.  Back then, there were very few blogs that talk about immigrant’s life in Canada, that’s when I decided make a place to come for aspiring Canadian immigrants and for immigrants (like me) who are embracing life in the “new world” that they are in. This little space for Momsie has grown right along with me. From my journey as an Asian Mom transitioning to life in Canada, my colorful Filipino culture and traditions to the struggles and worthy experiences that I went through as I settle in my new home here in Canada.

Through the years, this blog has opened different doors for me. I made new friends from different parts of the globe. I met people from different communities within and outside Winnipeg and as well as other bloggers,  writers and book authors from different parts of Canada. It is also through this blog that that I suddenly became “Ms. Welcome Pack,” I met more than 8,000 new comers in Winnipeg and nearby cities when I had the chance to distribute simple welcome gift to them. I also got featured in an article in a local newspaper here in Winnipeg and was invited to as a resource speaker in a writing symposium for high school students, I never imagined I would actually have the opportunity to do all these things.

It was not a priority to make anything out of this blog, writing has always been my passion.  It is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings which I cannot do verbally. I always believe that this is the best platform for me. This blog played a big role to where I am now. It provided me a space where I can share the failures and triumphs that I went through in transitioning to a new life outside my comfort zone and it enable me to reach out to people outside my circle.

And as I make this space to be my “superwoman wannabe” online journal where I share not just my life as an immigrant but (now) my life experiences in general, I want to express my gratitude to my 3 children – Raphael, Leeanne and Janine, they are the best cheerleaders that I could ever ask for; to my youngest sister – Sheryl, who has been my number 1 basher and critic for the past years; to my best friend, Raech for always making time to give me her comments about what I write and how looked in my photos, to my other high school friends who have been very supportive (every time) and to YOU my online friends who took the time to visit and read all my shenanigans The visits, the likes, the comments and the shares meant a lot to me

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