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Our family is celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving for the 6th time. Aside from Christmas, Filipinos here in Canada also look forward to celebrating this occasion with our family, relatives and friends. In the Philippines, we do not really have one particular day that we treat as the official Thanksgiving Day, though if you will ask me, the exact equivalent of this occasion in our country is how we celebrate Christmas.

Since I grew up in a Catholic family, every Christmas eve, (Noche Buena as we Filipinos call it), our parents has inculcated to me and to my sisters that Christmas is not just the time of the year to look forward for the presents that we will receive, it is also a time to reflect on all the blessings that we received throughout the year. And now that I am living in Canada, I feel that this occasion is the best time to be very grateful that we were given another chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with the people dear to us and to reflect on the positive and not so positive events that we encountered in the past year.

And now that I also have my own children, I am adapting the lessons that my parents’ have imparted to me… I want to let my children realize that Thanksgiving is not just about roast turkey and the food that we have on our table, it’s not just about a reunion with your family or gathering with your friends. More than the feast or gatherings, Thanksgiving is also a day to thank God for the blessings that we received throughout the year.

IMG_3448.JPG2014 is such a busy year for our family, as I will always tell my husband there are a lot of things that is happening in our lives and I can’t thank God enough for blessing us with more than what we ask for. This year, there are a number of reasons that I should be very thankful of, these include:

Good health for my husband and I, our three children and our parents who are on the other side of the earth (Philippines).

Our jobs. Last year, I celebrated, Thanksgiving with a very grateful heart because I am up to a promotion (which happened 2 weeks after Thanksgiving), this year, I am again celebrating Thanksgiving with a positive heart because despite some uncertainty that I feel towards my career, I am left with 2 good options and I know something good is up for me.

The gift of friendship. My husband and I were really blessed to be surrounded with good friends. We are able to maintain and nourish the friendship that we have with the people whom we met when we came to Winnipeg in 2009, and they remained to be there for us. In addition to the friends that we already have, we met new people who became our good friends as well.

Our new home. It is not in our 2014 calendar to move to a new house, but it happened. We moved to a place without going through the hassle that other people will go through when selling a home. We initially lost the bid for the house that I really, really wanted but it was still awarded to us in the end. And here we are now, building new memories in that house!

Canadian citizenship. My husband and I are just thankful that we didn’t have to wait for our citizenship for a longgggg time as other people had experienced and is experiencing. We were told that processing is now taking 24 to 36 months, but fortunately ours were processed in 18 months only. We passed the citizenship test and had our oath of citizenship without any hassle.

Our short visit to Alberta. Another event that is not in our 2014 calendar, but it happened and we enjoyed it. I am very pleased to see how my children enjoyed our short vacation and how my husband and I was able to spend 5 whole days with them. And there’s even a bonus for my husband – he got to see his cousin that he’d been wanting to see for the past 5 years.

I sure know that there are things that I failed to enumerate here and there are little things that I failed to notice but I am confident that the one up there is continuously watching over us… Cliche it may sound, but really, words are not enough to express my gratitude for the fruitful 2014 that we had. There are 79 more days till the end of the year and I know there will be more blessings that I will be counting and be thankful of.

And as I said last year, I will say it once again – May God perpetually shower His blessings upon us! Happy Thanksgiving!!!




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