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Leah’s Collections: The Bagaholics Haven

Most women would agree with me when I say “I feel naked whenever I go out without my handbag.”   My handbag has everything that I need to survive the day – my mobile phone, my kikay kit (make up kit), my phone charger, my planner, my wallet, my chewing gum, my keys, my hairbrush even my laptop.  I just love bags!

My love for purses brought me to meeting another woman who has the same obsession with handbag or purses.  A few days ago, I had the chance to meet Leah Sombilla, the person behind Leah’s Collection, the online bag seller that’s currently the viva voce of a lot of Winnipeg women who just love branded but affordable handbags.  Leah who moved from Philippines to Winnipeg in 2010 is one of the reasons why more and more Winnipeggers are now happy owners of branded bags including Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Tory Burch, Long Champ and even today’s most luxurious handbag design houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, YSL, Channel and Prada.

For a true bag-lover like Leah, a bag is not just something that a woman uses in carrying her possessions, because bag also defines her style and identity, a woman’s choice of bag is her weapon to make sure that she stands out from the crowd.  And this is the reason why Leah’s collection was born. 

When she was still in the Philippines, one of the happiest times for Leah is whenever finds the latest bag styles of her favourite bag brands and get them, thanks to her good-paying job as Call Center Trainer in one of the biggest BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies in the Philippines.  When she moved to Winnipeg alone, Leah has to put aside her passion for bags and concentrated on working and her goal to bring Allan (who was then her fiancée) to Canada.  A year after she and Allan got married in the Philippines, Allan came to Winnipeg.  Just like any other immigrants, the couple went through difficult stage of settling in their “new home” as well, there came a time that Leah regretted that she left her good paying job in the Philippines and migrated to Canada. But after a few years of adjusting to their new life in Canada, the couple have learned to accept and adapt to Winnipeg’s way of living.

They both have secured a permanent and stable job, made new friends and started to enjoy travelling together.  And now that they are settled and she felt that she had the purchasing power she made sure that whenever she and Allan travel she is able to bring at least one handbag with her.

Because there were limited bag stores in Winnipeg (yes, Winnipeggers have to travel to Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or US just to get some of the most popular handbag brands) and Leah’s good taste in picking the right style and brand of purses, her colleagues and friends started to ask her to buy purses for them whenever she travels.  She became their official personal shopper when it comes to bags.  Satisfied and happy with the style, brand and price of bags that Leah got for them, her friends started sharing to their friends and colleagues about how Leah is able to get them the bags even those that aren’t available in Winnipeg at a reasonable cost.   Leah became a word of mouth to her regular customers until relatives and friends of her customers started to come to Leah whenever they want to buy branded bag at a cheaper cost.

With her passion and appreciation for handbags, Leah thought of making most of the popular brands for handbag accessible to more people.  In DATE/YEAR, Leah’s Collection was born.  To date, Leah’s Collection is a registered luxury bag seller whose name became synonymous with trust, great price and unparalleled customer service.   Leah’s Collection aims to be a safe, fast and easy destination for Manitobans when it comes to shopping handbags online. They offer a large selection of brand new bags from the most popular brands. 

Leah’s Collection also offer pre-owned handbags from the most coveted luxury designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada and Channel.   And if you have unwanted branded bags that has been seating in your closet, Leah’s Collection can help you “rebag” them (or sell them).  Yes, they accept low-cost consignment designer’s bag.

To ensure that they are able to offer her brands at the lowest possible price, Leah chose not to get or rent a store space, Leah’s Collection remains to be an online store.  Fore Leah, bags have been the object of desire of more women from all walks of life, there are people who are prepared to spend less on other things and spend more for their handbag.  This is why Leah’s Collection not just only offer cash payments, debit or credit card payments, they also offer an easy payment plan (layaway) which terms depend on the brand and price of the customer’s choice of bag. And in order to reach out to other Manitobans, Leah’s Collection is accepting re-sellers outside Winnipeg. 

For women like Leah and I and all other women who breathe and talk purses, a bag is an object of desire.  It not just completes one’s outfit, it is somewhat an outward statement of the owner’s status and fashion taste. We use bag everyday – we have a particular bag that we use when we go to work or to school, we have one that we use when we go to parties or to a date and we also have one that’s for grocery shopping use. Carrying a dainty purse adds style and elegance to the outfit that we are wearing.

Let Leah’s Collection help you in finding the perfect handbag that matches your taste and style, visit and follow their Facebook page, Leah’s Collection Affordable + Luxury or their Instagram account, @leahscollections.



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