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Edible Arrangements – A Perfect Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

In case you need a reminder, Mother’s Day is on May 13th, you have less than 2 weeks to get the best gift for the special women in your life. If you are someone who always want to make sure that you make the mothers close to your heart feel extra special on this special day for them, by now you may already be planning your Mother’s Day or you are thinking of getting something special for her. If you have no idea yet on what to get to your mother, wife or your children’s mom, sister, cousin or friend, you may want to get something different for her this year.

I was browsing through Instagram and I stumbled across a photo of stunning fruits and veggie arrangement. I thought that fruit and vegetable arrangement is a great alternative to flower arrangement which we would normally give to woman that we know on special occasions or maybe even if there’s no occasion. I thought that it is such a creative idea, this vegetable and fruit arrangement can be brought for a date, party, birthday, and other occasions like Mother’s Day.

I had the privilege to get in touch with Arina Uvarova through Instagram. Arina is the woman behind these eatable arrangements. What’s even more interesting for me is that Arina and her family are also immigrants in Canada. Their family moved from Ukraine to Canada in 2014. In summer of 2017 after acquiring their first home, Arina started making fruits and vegetables bouquets as a hobby until her friends and people she know started ordering these creative arrangements. That’s when she decided to turn her passion into a small business. And this is the start of Unique Bouquets.

For your order in inquiries, you can contact Arina through Instagram or Facebook, and she will gladly help you find the best arrangement that will make any occasion an elegant one.



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