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Palate Adventure: Mikan Japanese Restaurant

I was going through the photos in my phone and I saw the photos that I took for my son’s birthday dinner and I thought of sharing our dine in experience in my blog.

It is our family rule that when we dine out for someone’s birthday, the celebrant will choose which place we’ll go or what kind of food we’ll have.  Being a sushi addict himself, my son insisted that we go for sushi.  My three children are at that stage where they are interested in all things Japanese, my second child is so hooked into Naruto, she’s been binge-watching numerous episodes of this anime on Netflix.  So yeah, whenever it’s something Japanese, you won’t have a hard time convincing my three piglets to give it a try.

Going back to eating sushi, I suggested that we try this Japanese restaurant and as expected they all agreed. We have drive right pass this certain restaurant a number of times but it doesn’t look impressive from the outside so I never thought of coming to this place.  The place is called Mikan Sushi Express and Bubble Tea House.

There were only 2 tables that were occupied when we arrived at 5:00 pm.  To be honest, I actually thought that the food may not be good because they were very few customers, but then I realized we came too early for dinner time.  The place was small but I must say that I love the ambiance, they have a very quiet and intimate setting.

sunomono salad

We ordered for miso soup and sunomono salad for starter.  Shrimp tempura is always in our order list whenever we come to a Japanese restaurant and for our sushi rolls, we ordered for – dynamite, california, chicken katsu rolls and caterpillar roll.  Dynamite roll and california roll are our family’s favorite sushi roll, so we always go for these and then order different kinds with it.  Our sushi rolls were served in a big round platter and it didn’t take us long to finish them. This place makes good sushi… to cut the story short we had to order for another plate.  My kids specifically loved the chicken katsu roll and I was right in trying the catterpillar roll, it was good!

Do not be deceived of the outside look of this place, this place is definitely a gem.  I didn’t actually expect much from this place because as I judged them too early through the number of people dining in  when we arrived, and I was not impressed with the staff cause I can’t recall if I ever heard one of them talk.  But we enjoyed our first dine-in experience with them – the service was fast, their sushi rolls and even their sunomono salad was great.  The food was fair priced. But I need to mention that their bubble tea was not good, it taste too artificial.

My Rating:  Pretty Good. We will for sure visit this place again!

Location: 2188 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3C8



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