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10 Things About Jeremy Senaris #FilipinoMasterChefCADTop40

For 2016 I thought that there is no greater way to inspire my blog readers but to share inspiring stories, that’s why, I will try to often come up with inspiring stories of people I know, I worked with and even people I just met. On February 14, the all-new season MasterChef Canada will be launched …

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4th Manitoba Filipino Street Festival

According to 2011 Canadian census there are around 61,270 Filipinos in Manitoba, in fact, the Filipino community is the largest visible minority group in Winnipeg.  We Filipinos are also known for our festivities, here in Winnipeg, the members of the Filipino communities shared the fun of having a community celebration with Canadians and other nations through the Manitoba …

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Leaving “Home”

There are a lot of videos uploaded in different social media sites, most specifically in about OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). There are some that even left me teary-eyed after watching them. One of the most touching videos that I watched is the video entitled Google PH – Miss Nothing. I’ve never loved the song You (which …

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