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Manny Pacquiao – an Inspiration to the Filipinos

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post, my busy schedule and my quest to continuously hold my “Queen of Multitasking” title prevented me from having my “Momsie Time.”

Today, I had the chance to face my baby – my laptop. Today happens to be the much-awaited fight of the Philippines’ Champ, Manny Pacquiao to Timothy Bradley. While waiting (Update: by the time I finished this post, the game was over), I realized that Manny is indeed the “People’s Champ.” He is that one person who can reunite the Filipinos. He is indeed, that one person who can stop the clock of every Filipino household not just in the Philippines but in any country where there are Filipinos. Whenever he fights – the ENTIRE country of roughly 90 million people watches him – literally. And Filipinos all over the world will find ways not to miss his game as well.

In Manila, police has been saying that crime rate drops drastically whenever Manny Pacquiao fights and there are no traffic jams in the roads of metro – maybe because even criminals and drivers are are so busy to watch his game.

He definitely owns the heart of every Filipino not just in the Philippines but in any part of the world. He is that one person who can make Filipinos take their time off from their busy day. Here in Winnipeg, Manny’s game is a reason for friends to come together and spend time together over a plate of sisig and a case of beer.

Indeed, Manny Pacquiao is one of the most popular names in the world, he became the first boxer ever to win a lineal title in four lineal divisions. Manny is really one of the best in his generations!

Manny’s most recent victory over Timothy Bradley is a special and sweet victory for all Filipinos. Filipinos felt that this time, Manny got the decision that he deserved. His first fight with Bradley in June 2012 was a hot issue because of his controversial split decision loss and most thought that Manny won and Bradley’s victory came as a surprised and even seemed to surprise even Bradley himself… When Manny lost his welterweight title to Bradley, Filipinos are dishearten and felt that it was a great injustice for the “People’s Champ.”

Each time that Manny wins his game is a lift to the Filipinos’ pride all over the world. When Manny reclaimed his WBO title last Saturday (April 12, 2014) and handed Bradley’s first lost, he showed beyond reasonable doubt that he is still at his prime and he is still one of the best. But more importantly, Manny’s victory serves as an inspiration to the Filipinos. His triumph is a symbol of recovery for a country who suffered from the calamities that it went through in 2013 including the Bohol-Cebu earthquake, the Zamboanga siege and the Typhoon Haiyan.

As the Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigaill Valte stated:
“After our country was hit by disaster after disaster last year, Manny serves as a symbol of our recovery. Our message to the world is clear: While vicious storms may knock us down, we will always stand back up. The deep faith, solidarity, and strength of will of the Filipino people will always prove stronger.”

Salamat sa inspirasyon, Manny! We are very proud of you!

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