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MPNP Application Intake Reopens in April 2015

It has been four months since I wrote about the new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada called the Express Entry.  This new system was launched in January 1st 2015.  As explained in my post Coming to Canada in 6 Months, under this new system, most complete applications will be processed in six months or less and candidates under Express Entry are taken from the pool, called “draw.”  To date, Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC)  has already performed 6 draws, the first one held in January 31st  and the latest one was last March 27th.

Credit to the owner of this photo
Credit to the owner of this photo

Though a provincial nominee can use Express Entry to apply to immigrate to Canada, being nominated by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) also provides an applicant to immigrate to Canada an opportunity of processing of his/her Canadian permanent resident visa application. This is the reason why the MPNP is considered a faster route to Canadian permanent resident status for Manitoba-destined immigrants.  Like most immigrants who are now manitobans and are  citizens of Canada, my family and I came to Canada through the provincial nominee program.  In 2014, MPNP has stopped it’s application intake for skilled worker overseas, however, it was  recently announced in that MPNP  will reopen its Skilled Worker Overseas stream on April 30, 2015.  Along with this is the launch of some process improvements for the MPNP Skilled Worker category.

I am not very sure of what changes or improvements will be implemented once the MPNP Skilled worker category reopens, however, I suggest to those interested in immigrating to Manitoba, to regularly visit the MPNP international website, for updates regarding the application procedure. You must also start getting all the supporting documents you need to include with your application and make sure that you are able to make electronic copy of these documents.  This post is basically a brief explanation of my previous posts about completing an application.

Aside from all the supporting documents listed in the Document Checklist included in the application package, here are some of the important things that an applicant need to prepare:

  • passport or travel document
  •  language test results
  • proof that he/she have enough money to support himself/herself (and his/her family members in Canada, if any are coming with the applicant)

An applicant found qualified and whose application for MPNP was approved,  will be nominated by Manitoba  for Canadian permanent resident status.   The applicant will be considered a “nominee,” and he/she then needs to proceed with his/her application by submitting his/her application to apply for his/her Permanent Resident Visa.  The final authority to issue your visa depends on the Government of Canada.  Upon receiving your MPNP application approval, the applicant will be instructed how to proceed with his/her visa application within the time specified by MPNP.  In addition to the documents that he/she submitted to MPNP, he/she also needs to provide the following:

  • the applicant will also need to undergo a medical exam, however, an applicant for a provincial nominee must have a medical exam before he/she become a permanent resident, his/her or family are also required to have one, regardless if they are coming or not to Canada.  The results of the medical exam are only valid for 12 months.  The applicant should not complete the medical exam until he/she receives an Invitation to Apply for permanent resident.  An application will not be approved if the applicant’s health is a danger to Canada’s public health or safety, or would cause too much demand on health or social services in Canada.
  • Police certificates must also be included as part of the application for permanent residence, the applicant and his/her family members who are 18 and older are required to have police certificates.  If an applicant has a criminal record, the applicant may not be allowed to enter or stay in Canada. People who pose a risk to Canada’s security are also not allowed to come to Canada.
  • There are also fees that need to be paid, including the right of permanent residence fee, which is $490.00 for each person.  This fee must be paid if an application is approved.

In completing an application it is always important to always ensure that your application package is complete, make sure that all mandatory forms field are filled out, receipts of fees that needs to be paid are included and all supporting documents are complete.  Use the Document Checklist to make sure that nothing is missed or forgotten.  Your eligibility to immigrate and to be admissible to Canada relies on the documents and information that you have provided in your application, do not let a small mistake be a cause of the disapproval of your application.

DISCLAIMER:  The author is not in anyway connected with CIC or MPNP, any information or update posted in this site are information that she get from reading news update from various resources, including or




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