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MPNP Application – English Language Proficiency

As mentioned in my earlier posts, the applicant’s proficiency in English (or French) is also one of the factors being considered in evaluating his/her application for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).  An applicant must provide documents to support his/her statement regarding his/her proficiency in English and/or French language.  Thus, MPNP requires all applicants except those who are currently working in Manitoba to submit results of an approved language test to demonstrate the applicant’s English proficiency.

In the past, taking these language proficiency tests was not a part of the requirement in applying to MPNP.  And MPNP has their reasons why it is being implemented now, a lot of people tend to overestimate their English abilities and assume that they will be able to “get by” easily.  Not everyone can easily adjust, we have to remember that it is not easy to understand English-speaking people who have different speaking speeds, intonation patterns and word choices.

MPNP used to recognize a university or college diploma and/or letter from colleges and universities confirming that the medium of instruction used in their institutions is English as proof of the applicant’s english proficiency.  However, MPNP website now indicates that MPNP will not accept any other document to substitute for the official result of the approved language test.   MPNP has approved two (2) English testing agencies –IELTS GENERAL and CELPIP GENERAL (available in Canada only). Note that these are the same agencies and tests used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language proficiency test, the IELTS test score is recognized as a trusted and valid indicator of the ability to communicate in English not just by Canada but in other countries accepting international applicants for working visa and other immigration purposes.  The CELPIP Test on the other hand, is complete English language testing program that assesses general levels of functional competency.  It is a Canadian English language test for immigration to Canada, Canadian citizenship, and for admission to Canadian universities and colleges.

An applicant must take any or one of these language tests no more than two years before the date that he/she applied to the MPNP, and he/she must submit the official results as a required document together with his/her MPNP application. There will be corresponding points that will be assigned to the applicant depending on his/her Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level.  The MPNP recommends that skilled workers score at least 4 on all bands of the IELTS (General) test to apply.

Taking these language tests is not cheap.  There are a number of websites who can help an interested applicant to find out how IELTS or CELPIP is being administered and what questions an applicant may expect.  Other websites even offer IELTS free practice tests, which is a good venue for an applicant to find out how this tests is administered.

To find out more about these language tests you can visit the official website of IELTS and CELPIP.

In the Philippines, applicants who wants to know more about IELTS and wants to submit an application for examination can contact one of the institutions offering student placement and English language testing services – IDP Education Pty Ltd Philippines.  They have offices in the two largest urban centres in the Philippines – Manila and Cebu or you can visit their website at 

  As of the time of the publishing of this post, the test fee is Php 8,900.00.



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  1. Hi, may I ask what is the result form to be passed to MPNP? Is it the actual test result form from IDP exam? Or do I have a special or specific test result form? Do I have to put Manitoba Immigration as the recognising organization? Thanks

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