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MPNP Application – All About Manitoba Supporter

As discussed in my other posts for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Application series, one of the requirements that an applicant should meet is that the applicant should have a strong Settlement Plan that explains the steps that he/she will take in order for him/her to get his/her intended job and to be successfully and economically establish himself/herself and his/her family as permanent residents of Manitoba.  This settlement plan must be reviewed and endorsed by a close relative or friend who is either a Canadian or permanent resident and is successfully established in Manitoba and has lived in Manitoba continuously for at least one year.

MPNP has set a number of conditions that should be met by a Manitoba Supporter, which are as follows:

  • He/She must provide documentation that he/she reside and is established in Manitoba and have been living in the province continuously for at least one year
  • He/She must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • He/She should be able to demonstrate sufficiently close ties to the applicant and to Manitoba
  • He/She should be able to demonstrate that any applications they previously supported resulted in successful, permanent economic establishment in Manitoba
  • He/She is able to support the applicant’s Settlement Plan, demonstrated in part by submitting a completed and signed Settlement Plan Part 2 (FORM: SPP2e) including scanned identity/proof of residence documents.

Any of the following persons cannot be Manitoba Supporter and cannot signed and submit Settlement Plan Part 2 to MPNP:

  • a paid immigration representative
  • anyone who is not a demonstrated relative or friend of the applicant or the applicant’s spouse
  • any Canadian elected official or his/her staff.

Applicant and the Manitoba supporter should note that a friend or distant relative must not be currently supporting the settlement of another MPNP applicant, nominee or person under another Canadian immigration program. This condition applies to the supporter’s household. Therefore, if a person is supporting an application, his/her spouse cannot be the supporter of another application.

On the other hand, a close relative may support more than one close family applicant at a time − provided the supporter satisfactorily demonstrates the ability to do so.

Family Concept
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For close relative, both the applicant and his or her Manitoba Supporter must provide documents proving their familial relationship. Example, if an applicant uploads identity documents with MPNP Online; the supporter also includes identity documents when completing the Settlement Plan Part 2.

It is also important to note that a Manitoba Supporter who had previously supported a provincial nominee that became a permanent resident and later moved to another province may not be able to endorse another applicant in the future, this is because a Provincial Nominee is obliged to live, work and settle in the province that nominated him/her.

To ensure that an applicant for MPNP will settle in Manitoba, Immigrate Manitoba website has clearly indicated that the applicant should be able to demonstrate his/her strong connection to Manitoba, a program officer may not approve an application if he/she was not satisfied with this aspect. If the applicant was found to have other connection to another province in Canada and the program officer finds that the applicant’s ties in that particular province to be stronger than his/her ties in Manitoba, the MPNP application could be disapproved.  An example of this is when the applicant’s Manitoba Supporter is his/her cousin while his/her ties in another province, specifically, Ontario is his/her parents or siblings, then,  the applicant’s connection in Ontario is stronger than his/her connection in Manitoba.  While some applicants, may choose not to declare their connections or ties to another province in Canada, this however will also be a ground for the program officer not to approve a MPNP application.

Source: Immigrate Manitoba.  Retrieved March 18, 2014.



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