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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – What You Need to Know

It’s been a while since my last post… I have been thinking what could be a good topic for my next post (since January).

A month ago, a friend of  mine sent me a private message in Facebook and ask me how can she apply as a provincial nominee and what are the requirements in applying. A week after that, a cousin of mine also asked me about applying as an immigrant, then,  just last week my hubby’s cousin asked the same question to him (which he asked me to answer for him) and last night a very close family friend phoned us asking for the same information.

In all these occasions, I directed them to search Canada’s  Citizenship and Immigration website or  Manitoba’s own website. However, because they know that I once went through this application process, some will still come back to me and ask questions relating to this.  And this is where I got the idea of just putting this information here in my blog site.

Government of Manitoba’s website describes MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as an economic program that selects skilled immigrants and their families to move to Manitoba and share in the prosperity of the province’s communities.  MPNP is not a sponsorship program.

MPNP accepts immigration applications skilled workers and their families who have the documented intention and ability to successfully settle and economically establish in Manitoba as permanent residents. Nomination by the MPNP enables the applicant to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa – with expedited processing.

There are 2 paths to Manitoba

  • Working in Manitoba: Applications are accepted from temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who have been working full-time for at least six months and whose employer has offered a full-time, long-term job.
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: Applications are accepted from skilled workers who can be assessed sufficient points for employability and adaptability based on five factors – age, English proficiency, work experience, education and Connection to Manitoba.

If you are interested to apply as a provincial nominee as skilled workers overseas and you would like to see if you meet the eligibility requirements and you can establish your connections to Manitoba, I suggest that you complete the self-assessment survey –  Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool .  If you got a score of 60 points or higher, you are qualified to apply to MPNP. (You may also use the MPNP Self-Assessment Worksheet to determine your eligibility).

Applying to become a Permanent Resident of Canada through MPNP is actually a two-step process.  When you find yourself qualified, your  first step is to submit you’re application to MPNP.  The government of Manitoba will assess your application based on the documentation that you have submitted at the time of application. To qualify you should be able to demonstrate that you can satisfy the factors considered in selecting applicants: adaptability, employability, education, language proficiency and connection to Manitoba (I will try to discuss these factors in my future post.) If found qualified and your application for MPNP was approved, Manitoba will nominate you for Canadian permanent resident status.

Now that you are considered a “nominee”, you are ready to proceed to the second step which is to apply for your Permanent Resident Visa.  The final authority to issue your visa depends on the Government of Canada.  Upon receiving your MPNP application approval, you will be instructed how to proceed with your visa application within the time specified by MPNP.

Credit to the Owner of the Photo
Credit to the Owner of the Photo

Starting September 2013, MPNP  became 100%  paperless and  stopped accepting  mail application forms, all applications should be submitted through MPNP Online and correspondences are sent and received via e-mail.  MPNP Online is an interactive tool that you can access for FREE anywhere in the world,  this secured and private website is hosted by the Government of Manitoba.  You must have a valid email address in order to create an account.  To submit an application, you will be required to provide information about yourself, your legal status in your home country and country of residence, your English proficiency, your education, and your employment history.   You will then need to upload scanned documents as support or proof of the information you provided.  I suggest that you ensure that you have gather the following documents before you start with your online application:

  • identification for yourself and dependants including your birth certificate and your family member’s birth certificate, marriage certificate or certificate of no marriage (whichever is applicable)
  • travel documents (passport)
  • education (transcript, diploma) and employment documents (certificate of employment, professional or trade certificate)
  • document proving familial relationship if you declared a relative as  your connections to Manitoba.Please note that the preferred document format is in PDF (portable document format) or JPEG  which size is not larger than 2 MB.Part of the MPNP Online is the submission of Settlement Plan.   All applicants – whether you are overseas or are currently working in Manitoba – are required to submit a Settlement Plan. This document is your opportunity to explain how you will achieve your short and long-term settlement and employment goals, such as becoming licensed to work in an occupation that is regulated in Manitoba.  MPNP applicants who declared Connection to Manitoba through having a close relative or friend/distant relative (considered as the Manitoba Supporter)  will be required to submit Settlement Plan Part 2.   MPNP Online automatically sends this request to the person you declared as your Manitoba Supporter. The Manitoba Supporter should complete the settlement plan (part 2) and must explain how he/she will help the applicant achieve the goals that the applicant has stated in his settlement plan.All MPNP correspondences are by e-mail, the applicant and the Manitoba Supporter must ensure that MPNP has their most current e-mail address.  Any update regarding an applicant’s update should then be sent to,  in contacting MPNP the applicant must ensure that he/she indicates his/her full name, file number (if applicable) and both the applicant’s new address and the address the he/she previously provided.The information provided in this site are the information available in the MPNP official website  at the time of writing this post.  Information or rules regarding MPNP application may change in the future, I encourage you to visit from time to time for a detailed  and updated information and instructions. On my next post, I will provide more details on the documentary requirements that an MPNP applicant needs to complete in order to support his/her application.

Sources: Immigrate Manitoba: Immigration works in Manitoba



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29 thoughts on “Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – What You Need to Know”

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    1. Hello Leeann! Thank you for visiting my site. Settlement Plan Part 2 should be sent to your Manitoba Supporter online by MPNP once you have submitted your complete application online. Your Supporter should then be the one to send the settlement plan part 2 according to the instructions he received.

  3. I discovered the email address i filled for my sponsor was old and he claimed he does not use that email address anymore. how ever he sent my settlement plan 2 using his new email address.

    will this complicate issues? or i have to notify MPNP office, if yes please how do i go about it?

    1. Hello Mayur, please be reminded that I am not in anyway affiliated or employed by MPNP. I cannot help you with your concern. But anyway, thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

  4. Thanks to the very informative information maam. Is there a way where i can i find a manitoba supporter to support me in this program. I dont have any friend or relave tive in thus area

    1. Hello Judy, thank u for visiting my site. Unfortunately, a Manitoba supporter shld be someone you know. If you do not have a friend or relative in Manitoba, you may want to try looking into the possibility of applying through other application streams.

  5. Hi Momsiecle,

    We’ve just submitted our application to MPNP as well as the SPP2 of our supporter. Besides, MPNP informed me that they already received the SPP2 of our supporter as well as other documents. Do you happen to know how long it will takes for MPNP to conduct an interview for our supporter including the letter of nomination?

  6. hi momsie, thanks for this. very helpful.. i have a question regarding the settlement part 2, I already email the form to my close friend in manitoba, what is the next step after she completed all the informations? where will i send the settlement part 2? do i include it in MPNP online application? Thank you

    1. Hello Rochelle, if you applied online, yes it should also be submitted on how you submitted your other documents. Though there are some people that I know wherein the supporter themselves personally submitted the settlement form to MPNP office here in Canada. Hope this helps and good luck on ur application.

  7. Hi Momsie, regarding the settlement part 2, i already sent the form to my close friend in manitoba but my application is not yet complete.. is it okay to send again an application once I already completed the application online?

  8. Nathan Galanida

    Hi Momsiecle,

    Thanks for your blog, it is very informative. I will be applying for MPNP by early next year, I have a distant relative(second cousin) in Winnipeg. As of now, I started to comply some of the important documents needed for the application. I just want to ask if I need also to submit my mom’s birth certificate?Since my mother and my cousin’s mother are first cousins. Next, is it okay if i will not include all of my working experiences in my application? I’m only considering my previous and my current job which are related to my field (IT) that will be equivalent for 3 years of working experiences. Thanks

  9. This article is outstanding, informative and most interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking in the points of interest and I agree with you on most. Thank you for caring enough to make your content interesting.

  10. Hi I am mahlula
    I would like to ask u about mono family relationships.what would mpnp need to show family relationship. I think it is the birth certificate but whoes birth certificate? My cousin is sponsponsoring.

    1. Hi Mahlula, thank you for visiting my site. In order for you to prove your relationship, you have to submit birth certificate of the sponsor and the person being sponsored, to prove you are cousins, you have to submit birth certificate of your parents (to prove relationship of your parent to her parent).

  11. Hi, I hope u don’t mind replying… After nomination, d nxt step would be pr application…in d document checklist, it wasn’t specified whether or not to include certified true copies of diploma, certs and d likes. Do I still need to despite having uploaded d same for my mpnp application…thanks

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