An All-in-One ID Card for Manitobans

As of January 11, 2016, it has been confirmed that Manitobans will have an all-in-one Personal Identification Card (PIC) in their wallets by fall of 2017.

The provincial government has approved the PIC, which combines an individual’s driver’s licence, photo ID, health card and travel ID.  This card will replace the driver’s licences issued by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and paper registration cards issued by Manitoba Health.  The card will be made of plastic and will have the cardholder’s photo and driver’s licence information printed on the front, but it will also have that individual’s Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN) on the reverse side of the card.

According to Health Minister Sharon Blady, once PIC is introduced, the card will:

  • offer the convenience of a durable, all-in-one card;
  • use advanced technology to better protect cardholders against identity theft, forgery and fraud;
  • ensure private information stays confidential;
  • improve access to photo identification for low-income and homeless Manitobans; and
  • help deliver the right services to the right person through easy photo identification of cardholder.


sample of the new all-in-one personal identification card

In August of 2015, MPI launched a launched a comprehensive, five-week public and stakeholder consultation process, there were more than 4,000 Manitobans and 29 stakeholder organizations who participated through public consultation, online feedback and telephone surveys. And according to Attorney General Gord Mackintosh, minister responsible for MPI, positive feedback were provided by various stakeholder groups and all their suggestions will be considered as the initiative moves forward.  One of which is to  significantly expanding the life-saving capacity of organ donation services in Manitoba, organ donor registry will be integrated into the PIC issuance process, thus, Manitobans will easily be able to state their preferences for organ donation if they choose to do so.

MPI will issue the cards at no cost to its ratepayers, though MPI will be accountable for establishing and verifying identity, Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors will still have full responsibility in determining eligibility for health services, assignment of personal health information numbers and approving family relationships under health registration numbers for health-care billing and pharmacare deductible application purposes.

Accordingly, the new cards will be authenticated using “industry-proven policies, procedures and practices” that are currently being used by MPI for driver’s licences and will include technology to protect cardholders against identity theft, forgery and fraud.


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