A Survey About the Future of Manitoba

I was recently contacted by some of the great people behind BorealManitoba. BorealManitoba is a project of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), which works extensively on Boreal conservation across Canada. BorealManitoba is a supporter of the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, which advocates for 50% protection of the Boreal nation-wide, with standards for sustainable development in the remaining half, all in partnership with Indigenous communities.

As a Manitoban, it is important for me to support organizations that initiates this kind of action, considering that the Province of Manitoba consists of 65.0 million hectares of prairie, lake and forest and that one of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems is located right here in Manitoba.

Boreal forest is Manitoba’s largest forest zone and it supports the majority of the province’s forest industry, providing resources for craft paper, lumber and newsprint. Furthermore, the boreal forest in northern Manitoba is described as an important animal habitat and key protector of water quality.

mb sunset
Sunset in Manitoba’s boreal forest (Ron Thiessen)

BorealManitoba has recently launched a survey that will allow them to learn Manitobans love and relish about living in the province, and to make the voices of Manitobans be heard when it comes to the future of the Boreal. I am encouraging my fellow Manitobans to participate in this survey and let our voices be heard.

The survey will be underway for a couple more weeks and if you complete the survey by the end of the day of March 1st, you will be entered to a draw to win one of their great prices, which include: 3 Jets tickets or an iPad or Tim Horton’s gift cards.

To participate in the survey, you may go to 2015 Manitoba Insight Survey.



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