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If you will ask me if being an Immigrant was part of my dreams or plans when I was still young, I tell you, it did not even come into my mind to work abroad most especially to live in other country permanently. Well I must admit I dreamt of going out of the Philippines and have my (before) green passport have the marks of the immigration officer’s rubber stamp but not as an OFW or Immigrant…. want to go abroad for leisure, for fun…

But here we are, starting a life here in the Land of 100,000 Lakes in Canada. Would you believe that after almost 3 months of being here I still have moments – moment where I stopped for a while and can’t believe that we are already here.

Yes this is a BIG MOVE for me and my family. We moved from Philippines to Canada. But it doesn’t stop there, my family and I are now moving on. Moving on to a life where God has lead us. Where back to square one and have to start  from scratch. Sometimes I still have fear, fear of the unknown and of not being successful. But “my God” is bigger than my fear, He is my back-up. And I won’t be here if it is not part of His big plan for me and my family.

Now that we are starting our lives, everything was actually new for us. But the most difficult part that I am facing is the 360 turn that happened to me –  from being a career woman to a plain housewife, a housemother. At first I will joke around with the people I know, whenever they would ask me what am I doing here, my answer was simple, “I got demoted here, I am now a stay-home mom.” But then  I realized that  even if this is hard for me, it is the most rewarding job I ever had. No other job experience that I have in my resume could give the same “compensation and benefits” that I have in my present job. Yes,  it is not easy but it is not sooooo hard either, and the best perk of this job -I have the chance to spend each day with my two kids.

Indeed, starting from the bottom is something that we would like to avoid or skip if we only have our way, but if you decide to leave your country and move to another, you really have to start all over again. But what’s good about this is that together my husband and I are ready to face the challenge with God in the midst of us.

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