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You Know It’s Winter When…

Just when Manitobans thought that it won’t be a “white Christmas,” Mr. Snow decided to remind us that it is actually winter and snow around 10 cm started falling today.  December 16th, 9 days before Christmas, I woke up with a car covered with snow, I cleaned up the car and cleared the snow from the driveway only to come home in the afternoon with a driveway that is again fully covered with snow.  As always, it is going to be a white Christmas for us Winnipegers,  in case you don’t realized (which is really impossible with the amount of snow that you’ve seen today) it’s winter folks!And for those who are still in denial and is unsure, check this out:

You know it’s winter when you get to see your  shovel in your garage or back yard more often and most of all you have to shovel a path just to get to your car.

You know it’s winter when you get into your car, you will discover that your car battery is dead. Why? Because you forgot to plug in your block heater.

You know it’s winter when everyone that you see outside are in their winter coats, people  go out with their wool caps, insulated gloves and  big leather boots…. not to forget their long johns.You know it’s winter when you do not worry leaving food that needs to be refrigerated outside for a long period of time.  Trust me, this really works cause I’ve done this a few times already – left our grocery in the car.

You know it’s winter when you wan’t to buy an ice cream cake for your daughter’s birthday and  drive around the city and you don’t see a single ice cream joint open.  yes, that’s one thing I noticed since I came to Canada, some ice cream joints branches like Dairy Queen are closed (and will open again in summer.)

You know it’s winter when almost everyday you’ll see one or more cars in the ditch because of the slippery icy road.

You know it’s winter when there are people you know that are suffering from “SAD”(Seasonal Affective Disorder).  SAD also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, summertime sadness, or seasonal depression,  a mood disorder wherein a person who has  normal mental health in most time of the year experiences depressive symptoms during winter or summer.

For people who live in a country where there is winter, they have for sure other items that they could add in this list… How about you what are the signs of winter for you?



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