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Things That I Love in Canada

Well of course I miss Philippines, I miss my family, my relatives, my friends, the job that I used to have, being in Lee’s computer shop and surfing the net, riding the tricycle going to my parents’ house, riding the FX going to my favorite places (Megamall or Robinsons Galleria) and believe me even the noise that my neighbors’ make early in the morning, I kinda miss them.

Of course I don’t just sit down and think of the things that I miss back home, as they say, we must learn to count our blessings…. so lemme’ think of the things that really make our life a lil’ bit exciting, which I always refer as “perks” whenever my hubby and I talk about the things that we enjoy now which we didn’t have back home.

1. Peace & Quiet. Sure thing I miss the noise in Manila, but who would want to trade the peace of mind that you will have in living in place where you rarely hear so much noise. If you are in a quiet and peaceful place even if there are things that troubles you or there are problems that you are facing, there’s less pressure, you could think (positively).

2. Child-Friendly. Hahaha, don’t know how to call it correctly. And to be honest, I really call it that way. Well what do I mean? In the 3 months that I have been here, I feel that this country gives much importance to the children’s welfare and the government ensure’s that the children’s rights are protected.  Education in a public school from Kindergarten to Grade 12 is FREE.  The government has various programs to assist parents in raising and taking care of their children, just like the Child Tax Benefit, Child-Care Subsidy and here in Manitoba, there is also the Manitoba Child benefit Program.  These programs/benefits may depend on your family income, but I must admit, these are great  help for new immigrants like me.

3. Health Benefits. Well as most people know, Canada and UK were two of the most good places to live in when it comes to the health benefits that they provide to its people. Here in Manitoba, one can see his physician, her OB-Gyne, the children’s Pediatrician as often as needed without spending a penny. You just have to flash your “Health Card”. And you don’t have to wait or pay for anything to get this precious card (actually its just a board paper with your name in it), as soon as one touches the land of Manitoba, you just need to go to Manitoba Health office and show your landing papers, ola your covered. Isn’t it great?

4. Effective Cure for Asthma. Ooops don’t ask me what medicine I had, but I am free from asthma (just not sure til winter time). But you see I’m an asthmatic person, back in the Philippines, I would never miss a week without puffing my Seretide or at least taking a Ventulin tablet. But guess what, since I came here (it’s been three months and 5 days huh) I did not take a single Ventulin tablet or puff any inhaler. Mind you I brought lots of them with me. Even my son who is as asthmatic as I am, he did not use the Ventulin Nebules that we brought for him and thanks God we did not bring his nebulizing equipment.

5. Buy Now Pay Later. I have not tried it, but it’s kinda good to know that if you are broke and dont have any money to spend to buy the things that you need (or you want) they offer these scheme wherein you could get the item from stores and pay it after a period of time, like 6 months or 12 months after, it’s a good deal, especially if you badly need the item and you are expecting your money to come on a later time.

6. SALE! SALE! SALE! Well what do you expect to a (now) housewife like me, of course even if all I do is to look after my kids aside from performing my daily household chores (hahaha!) and wait for the time that Lee comes home, I still have extra curricular activities and that is going to mall(s) and the different stores and establishments that you can go shopping este window shopping! I would really get sick if I won’t have the chance to visit even Dollorama in a week. But you know what’s the best thing about the stores here is that they never run out of “sale” and mind you a simple sale is different from clearance sale. You bet, you could buy a blouse, a top, a sweater, a pair of pants, a jacket or a pair of shoes or a bag, at its lowest price ever (hehehe) you are practically paying 1/4 of the regular price. And the best thing about it even formula milk, diaper, rice, bread, medicine, shampoo and other grocery items have their own sale.

My list is getting longer, who know’s my view about these things may change, once I get to know how to live life here in Canada.  Or there could be more “perks” that I can still add here.  Let’s see and I will surely post them here.



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