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Our First 100 Days

Today happens to be our 100th day here in Canada. How time really flies, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was too busy completing our documentations and requirements for our application as Provincial Nominee.

And here we are now, in the land of cold Winnipeg,  counting the days as we learn the city’s way of life.

Yes, we are in the “Land of Opportunity” for a hundred days now.

100 days is not that long, in fact it is still considered as three months. But I guess, for someone who is adjusting to a new life and is somehow afraid of different possibilities and unknowns… it is already a long time.

And within these 100 days,  I realized that while my family and I are preparing for our move here, there are some things which I was not able to include in my TO DOs and TO BRING list. But being an active Girl Scout since grade school (hey I have always been a Patrol Leader),  I guess, I managed to bring these things, what are these? FAITH IN GOD, PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, RESILIENCE and BIG LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY.

In the 100 days that we are here in Canada, there are really times that I asked myself if we really made the right choice when we decided to move?  Your patience and perseverance will be tested especially on those times that you are very eager to get a job and no one seems to notice the 8 million resumes that you have forwarded to prospective employers. But despite these indirect rejections, you have to stay positive and see these not so good experiences as a part of the “learning process” – you’ll know better next time.

But one good thing that I appreciate the most in the past 100 days is that  (maybe) out of 100,  88 days of it I was with my two kids the whole day – from the moment they wake up until they sleep at night. And that made me realized that I failed to witness a lot of “happenings” in my son and daughter’s life back home or it could be that I even miss witnessing the some of the  “first times” of their lives.

Yes,  taking care of two kids is not an easy task – I tell you I never stop picking up the toys that they throw everywhere, I keep following my daughter to make sure she wont go to the washroom again and wash her hand on the toilet bowl while still  keeping an eye to my eldest to remind him not to spill his chocolate milk on the carpeted floor again. But being with them and spending time with them gives me so much joy. In the past 100 days I’ve learned that the most rewarding job that a woman could ever have is the job of a “mother.”

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