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It has been a month now since I last published a post.

Nope, I did not loose interest in blogging and I have no plans of taking my site down.  In fact, I log in to my account as much as I can, most especially,  whenever I received a notification that there are new comments posted in my site.

I mentioned in my past posts that blogging  is one of my passions and it gives me a different sense of achievement whenever I received notifications from my site that there are new comments or likes in any of my posts.   I started blogging just because I love to write, until I put up my official site ( with the intention to reach more readers and to make this site a place to come for those who are working-moms like me and/or who are also Canadian wanna-be(s) (Canadian immigrants).

Today is my second year anniversary with… Aside from the anniversary greeting from word press, I also got a notification that I have new followers, it made me smile… Yes, I believe that quality is more important than quantity. Even in Twitter and Instagram the number of people who follow you don’t really matter if half of them are people you don’t know or you do not had the chance to interact with.  With the very high impact that social media now have to the people around the globe, I am very much convinced that what matters the most is you, the person being followed, be it on your blog, instagram or other social media accounts, it is important that you are able to provide your followers with something that is worth-sharing and something that they can relate with.  As for me, having more followers and receiving comments or email from my readers or followers is a confirmation that there are people who find my stuff worth reading.


That is why I came up with this  post — to say THANK YOU to my friends and followers who continue to visit, read and share my posts, even if I have not updated my blog site for more than a month already, the increasing number of my readers’ statistics is a confirmation that my posts are interesting, thank you for the inspiration.  I am not “promising” but I will try to make time to write more and share my stories and adventures as a working-mom and as Canadian-wannabe immigrant.

Happy Anniversary,!!!



Momsiecle is short for Momsie's Circle. I started my first blog on a free blogging platform in 2006 as a just for fun blog. When my family and I moved to Winnipeg in 2009, I started to write about my challenges and discoveries about living in Canada as an immigrant. In 2012, I decided to make a place to come for aspiring Canadian immigrants and for people who are embracing life in the “new world” that they are in.

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