Momsie’s Review: Crazy Beautiful You

Crazy_Beautiful_You,_Movie_PosterThis romantic-comedy movie directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar plot maybe something we’ve seen and heard of a million times before – a rebellious rich girl was forced to go to a poor community, then crosses path with a kind-hearted, responsible poor guy and fell in love with each other.  There will be conflicts  but everything will still turn out fine and they will still end up together.  But despite this often used plot, this movie which was shown in the Philippines last February 25, 2015 earned ₱5 million on its opening hour and has earned ₱32 million as of 9:00 pm on it’s first day.

Jackie, played by Kathryn Bernardo is a problem child who was forced to come with her mother (Lorna Tolentino) to her medical mission in an Aeta village.  Kiko played by Danile Padilla, the illegitimate son of the town mayor (Gabby Concepcion) was tasked to make Jackie as her “project” – to help Jackie to become more compassionate.  After learning each other’s life’s story and the pain that they went through, they become closer and eventually fall in love with each other.  As I said, the set-up is familiar, however, it still worked.  Maybe because the movie did not just show how a romantic love can blossom from two people from opposite socio-economic backgrounds it also tapped meaningful issues that viewers can relate to. Jackie is a product of broken home and is trying to seek her parent’s attention by being rebellious … and like any other  typical teenager, she  is into social media (Twitter) and can’t live a life without smartphone… Kiko’s situation  on the other hand is somewhat a sensitive issue but is actually happening in reality, he is a product of infidelity but is tolerated because his father (if not the most influential) is one of the influential people in their town.


Yes, I will admit that I am a certified “KathNiel” but the reason why my husband and I went out to watch this movie on the third day that it is being shown here in Winnipeg is not because I am a fan but because my three kids  (a 10-year old, a 7-year old and a 4-year old) want to see the movie! Daniel and Kathryn’s appeal is not just for teenagers, not just for hot momma like me (you bet) but even to a four-year old, my daughter have known them since their “Got to Believe” serye days and she was just three, then. As soon as she saw Kathryn on the screen , she can’t help but call Chichay’s name (Kathryn’s character in GTB) and turned to me to say that Chichay is really pretty and she really like her.

imagesIndeed, Kathryn is really at her prettiest in this movie, however, I feel that her tomboyish character on the  first few scenes of the film seems to be forced.  I was teary-eyed in one of her scenes where tears are falling from her eyes while taking pictures but I think she still needs a lil’ more work to improve her acting and line delivery.  And Daniel once again proved that he is not just a pretty face, he is a revelation in this movie. His gestures and mannerism reminds me of the Robin Padilla who I used to watch in my high school days.  Daniel’s acting has matured and improved a lot, I can’t help but cry with him when he was making his mother’s (Assunta De Rossi) coffee and told her that he needs a mother.  I’ve seen Daniel and Kathryn in their Must Be love and She’s Dating a Gangster movie but I’ve never seen them this way, this movie have proven that there is a reason why they deserved their “Teen King and Queen” title,  for me, they are two of the finest actors of their generation.

Crazy Beautiful You was able to deliver what it is supposed to do – to entertain and to bring “kilig” to it’s viewers.  And for me, this movie is  more than just a feel good and kilig vibes movie,  it also teaches lesson not just on romantic love but also love for family, about  growing up and accepting difficulties in life.  The movie is definitely worth the time and money that we spent… Watching Crazy Beautiful You is definitely a great way of spending our family date 🙂 #KathNiel

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